"Get Out the Fiddle and Strike Up the Bow!"Psalm 42:8


As of June 24th, 2013, Kari & Billy had their very first single released to radio nationwide and abroad!  "Play Me A Fiddle Song" hit the airwaves last month with a bang and the duo has already started to receive extremely positive feedback from listeners and radio stations alike. The single, which was written by Billy Arnold, produced by the couple and features high energy fiddle licks by Kari Nelson-Arnold is something country radio has been ready to hear! "You just don't hear any real fiddle tunes anymore" said Kari's mom Lori who's comment actually inspired Billy to write the song in the first place! Radio land tends to agree with this sentiment, stating that this is a fresh sound that is just what country music needs!  "We are excited to see what this first single will do and how the public will receive it!" exclaims Kari & Billy with anticipation. "Our music is us through and through so it is equally exhilarating and nerve wracking to put it out there and see what people think of it! We appreciate each and every person who gives our music a fair listen."  

"Everybody Sing Along...Play Me A Fiddle Song!!"  :-)